Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Summer Roses

June is the month of roses in my garden. I love the old fashioned blowsy blooms. I enjoy them in the garden, I pick them and fill the house with them. I use them in my flower orders to create beautiful country bunches of fresh flowers and herbs. I also start to pick them and dry them.

Dried rose petals have a vintage charm of their own and I dry lots to pack into pretty bags for the winter months. Emptying a little bag into a pretty vintage bowl and smelling the scent of roses is one of the best things when the garden is quite bare.

I am not usually an organised person, but this is something that has to be done because in the blink of an eye the old fashioned roses are gone. They always put on a splendid show but then that it it until the next year.


  1. A beautiful way to let summer linger a little longer. Your house will smell divine.
    Andrea x

  2. Hi Linda.
    I can almost smell them from here. A quintessential Old English scent. Lovely.
    Have you any honeysuckle in the garden or around about? It is everywhere in Wykeham Forest at the moment, adding to the sights and sounds of the woods.
    Luv Polly.

  3. Hi Polly,
    Yes I have lots of honeysuckle in the garden, In fact one huge bush which reaches in to the garage roof. I will post a picture asap.
    Thank you for your comment it is much appreciated.
    Linda x