Friday, 20 May 2011

New Project

We are forever starting new projects. We start with a simple plan but as we progress, the plan gets more and more elaborate and my husband says "whimsical"

My poor husband Barry has to interpret my airy fairy ideas and try to make practical sense of them.

Our latest project is the old chicken house. It was well passed its sell by date and my beautiful chickens have a new home. We pondered long on what to do with it and our new project was born. It is to make an extended seating, lounging outdoor room. The only trouble is we never seem to get to the sitting and lounging stage. Lets hope this one is different. I will keep you posted with more photo's for anyone who is interested (Hopefully with some of me in so you dont think Barry does all the work!!)

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Wrist corsages

Sorry , the presentation leaves something to be desired but it was quite awkward photographing. These are also false flowers and so pretty.


I thought I would show you some wedding photographs to illustrate the beauty of false flowers. I do both false and fresh flowers for weddings but are asked more and more for false flowers as they can be kept and given as gifts.