Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Working late

Working late. Although it may be cold dark and frosty outside its still magical and I am warm and cosy working in my studio (Well my shed really) but it is a nice one.
At the back of my shed is the chicken house where my 12 Cochin's live. Cocky (Original I know) and his 11 hens. I expect they were all tucked up asleep when I took this picture.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

So much to do but feeling pleased

Dreaming and playing. I have been busy making things. The pictures are of two vintage corsages, one is for the wrist on a satin bracelet. I have used vintage flowers, old lace and bits of vintage jewellery. You may have necklaces that are broken, or odd earings. Every little scrap is beautiful and it is such fun to be creative and make something unique.

Getting ready for Yule

Lace and glitter, beads and buttons, everywhere.
Making corsage gifts
I do love making and playing

Christmas is nearly here

Time to get the precious memories of Christmas out of the loft
The Christmas peter rabbit plate was a gift from my niece many years ago